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HomeControl Outlet

Not grounded

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HCO1 – not grounded version

The HCO can control each output separately, such as electric heater connected to one output and a lamp from the other. Or maybe you want to connect it on the Kitchen where the coffemachine are connected to one output and the water boiler to the other. Customers also use it to turn off the TV when they not are at home, to reduce energyconsumption on apparatus in standby mode.

Ever had a problem with the kids watching too much TV? Tell them that the TV only are on i 60 minutes – then the outlet shuts down the TV after 60 minutes.

The Home Control app allows you to set up schedule when they should be on and off, or just turn off the connector manually via app. Ever got in to the office in the morning and wondered; Did I turn off the coffemachine?

Use the connector on the kitchen and increase your security. Check if the coffee maker or kettle are turned off, from wherever you are. The HCO also has a built-in temperature sensor and use heat control feature in the app reads the temperature in the room and determine when the radiator should be on or off. The userfriendly timechedule let’s you decide when you’re at home and when you’re at vacation or at work. The Adaptive heating function receives data from the Weather forecast and has a built in algoritm – and knows how long it has to start heating or cooling before you get home or get up in the morning.

When installing a socket so select “Add Device” in the app, click on the outlet and voila! The app tells you that it has found a new outlet. The only thing you need to do is to select room and functionality and then you are ready to go. It takes about 2 minutes to set up each outlet.

The HomeControl Outlet is the only Certified Outlet approved for Do It Yourself Installation.

Model:                                HCO 1

Outputs:                             2

Volt:                                     230, 2x16A

Consumption:                  Off mode: <250mW

On mode: <1,5W

Size:                                      H/D/W: 82mm/44mm/102mm

Lifetime:                             More than 5 million clicks (on/off)

Grounding:                        This connector works only on power sockets whitout grounding

Radio:                                  ZigBee HomeAutomation (HA)

2,4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4

Produsent:         HomeControl AS

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