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HomeControl Outlet


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HomeControl OUTLET (HCO) – grounded version

This is the smart outlet where you can control each output separately! This is not a plug! and it replaces your existing cover. HCO is the Patented, CE and NEMKO approved powersocket for DIY installation. Each HCO cover have LED lamps which also shows which output is on or off.

The Home Control app allows you to simply turn on and off, give unique names to each output and functionality as well.

Heating control

If you choose to connect an electric heater to one output then you get the userfriendly heating control function in the app. In a few steps you set you temperature level for heating/saving/antifreeze and then set the timer to it. You can gave different temp planner for each room/zone. The Home Control system are a Learning Home and after 10 days the system knows when to start heating base don your schedule and the temperature outside. The unique algoritm engine receive data from the National Metrological Institute and base don your postal code the system knows the outside temperature. This is a Smart Heating and a Smart way of Living!

For surface sockets you can purchase additional frames.

HCO can control all plug that is inserted into the connector using the app. In the app there are functions for controlling the heat (paneloven/electrical heating, electrical stand alone oil heater and so on), light, or general output for everything else as coffeemachine, water heater, light lamps, TV, electric car charger etc. . All outputs can have its own Schedule.


Model: HCO 2

Outputs: 2

WATT: 7W (35W)

Voltage: 230V, 2x16A

Consumption:   Both outputs of: <250mW

Both outputs on: <1.5W

Size H/D/W:       82mm / 44mm / 102mm

Lifetime: Over 5 million clicks (on/off)

Radio: ZigBeeHA 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 4

Out effect + 1dBm

Internal ceramic antenna Range in open> 120 meters

Temp sensors:  Temperature sensors (measurement of room temp for control of heat in the app)

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