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Starter Kit 1

1 Gateway and 1 Smart Outlet

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HomeControl is the latest generation of home automation systems. With this starter kit, you can install a Smart Home system without calling an electrician.

This initial kit includes the HomeControl gateway and 1 Smart HomeControl outlet (HCO).

You only need ONE gateway, the HomeControl gateway. This is the hub for your SmartHome, and it will communicate with all devices you choose to use, controlled from the app. It has built in functionality to communicate with your devices also if your internet connection is lost. Software for advanced heating control, integration to Sonos speakers and Phillips HUE Lux Lightbulbs is also included.

With the gateway installed you will have access to all new software releases as soon as they are launched, and thereby get the functionality to access a steady stream of new devices.

The HCO can control each output separately, such as an electric heater connected to one output and a lamp connected to the other. Maybe you want to use it in the kitchen, with the coffee machine connected to one output and the water boiler to the other. If you think the children are watching too much TV, you can preset the TV to only stay on for 60 minutes, and the HCO will turn off the TV automatically when the time is up.

The HomeControl app allows you to set up a schedule for when devices should be automatically turned on/off, or you can select to turn off each device manually via app. If you get to the office in the morning and are uncertain whether you turned off the coffee machine – no worries. Just turn check the app and turn off the specific outlet from the office.

Your Smart Home starts here, and you can easily add new devices such as more smart outlets, smoke detectors, and more – at your own pace.


Model:  Raspberry PI B+

Radio:  ZigBee HA & SE (Nano USB antenne)

H/D/B:  92mm/30mm/64mm

OS:  HomeControl Home Automation OS

SD  Micro SD

USB  4 stk


Power Outlet

Model:  HCO 2

Utganger:  2 stk

WATT:  7W (35W)

Volt:  230V


Forbruk:  Begge utganger av: < 250mW   Begge utganger på: < 1,5W

H/D/B:  82mm/44mm/102mm

Levetid:  Over 5 millioner klikk

Radio:  ZigBee HA 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 4

Ut effekt +1dBm

Intern keramisk antenne   Rekkevidde i fri sikt > 120 meter