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The Meter Reader

Live Energy data in your hand - anywhere

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The S0 Meter Reader collects meter readings from existing meters already installed and sends data to the HomeControl Gateway. This way, you can follow your energy consumption LIVE in the HomeControl app. Anywhere, at any time!
If you see too much spending at any given time just turn off any other device connected to your HomeControl system. With the Meter Reader the Home Control app provides you with a selection of graphics and present your electricity consumption pr hour, day, week, month, year and last 4 years,

The meter unit can be used with different kinds of meters; power, water, gas, or heating. The ZigBee-IR/LED reader works with all meters regardless of manufacturer and brand.

The integrated ZigBee module has extended RF performance (10 mW/10dBm) and is available as ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 or as ZigBee Home Automation. The ZigBee profiles secures very high security in order to protect personal data and prevent hacking.

This meter interface is delivered with two probes:
An S0 probe for two way communication with supported meters and an LED probe for interfacing to meters with a blinking LED. As an option, the meter interface can be delivered with a IR interface.

The optical probe is attached either by magnets or by Velcro.

Battery lifetime is over two years with updates every five seconds.

Dimensions: 115 x 35 x 70 mm3
Operating temperature: -10 to +60°C
Supply voltage: Optional 5V power supply
Battery lifetime: With 3xAA Alkaline batteries: >2 years
(updating every 5 seconds, at room temperature)

RF performance: 10 mW/10dBm – Range: LOS ≤ 1600m, Indoor ≤ 100m
Microcontrollers: MSP430 – DevCom 06
IR/LED Communication: Supports IEC62056-21 compliant Electricity Meters – Supports LED/IR pulse (configurable pulse range from 50 to 10000 pulses per kWh)
IP: Optional IP 55 enclosure available
Mounting: • Optical probe attachment either by magnets or by Velcro – Cable length is approx. 800mm

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