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HomeControl Smart House solutions

HomeControl is a Norwegian energy management and home automation provider. For more than 10 years we have been developing home automation solutions that help customers increase safety and reduce energy consumption while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Welcome to your Smart Home - the connected, energy efficient, safe and comfortable home.

The patented HomeControl outlet (HCO) is the starting point for the development of our solutions for energy management and home automation. HCO is developed from the desire to control the use of energy and ensure safety from failure of electrical appliances. HCO is the only do-it-yourself outlet which can be integrated and become part of the permanent installation in the house. You simply take off the cover on your existing socket and turn on HCO - legally!

HCO has a smart outlet where you can control each output separately and connect heaters, lamps or various electrical appliances. Our solution allows you to manage lighting and heating based on your preferences and also monitor the power consumption at any given time. If you see that consumption is higher than expected, you can easily identify the cause, and with a keystroke, you can turn off or adjust the heating or the lights. It could not be more simple!

One House - One Gateway

The HomeControl gateway is a small and flexible Linux hub that serves as the brain of the house. The HomeControl software makes it simple and fun to set up your smart and energy efficient house. You can install the smart outlet (HCO), wireless camera, smart light bulbs, energy monitors or thermostat controls with very limited time and effort. Connect every electrical device to the smart outlet and tell the system when each device should be turned on or be available. When your devices are connected, they are available at all times wherever you are. If your Internet connection fails, the gateway will still be available in your home network.

The Smart Home is convenient, safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Our App and our Gateway will not only manage smart outlets and light bulbs, but also heat pumps (coming), wireless cameras, thermostats, TV, AppleTV (coming). We will enable connection of a series of new products in 2017 - and the system can be expanded at your own pace.

Welcome to your Smart Home

Build your own App!

No two houses are alike. We have therefore created an App that you can be customised to your house and your needs.

Simply download the HomeControl App and start to “build” your house. Once you add a new device to your Smart Home, the system will find it and you only need to enter where it is located in the house and how you want to use it. Enter your preferences for temperature and lighting in the App, and the system will ensure that you have the desired comfort and atmosphere at all times.

This is what we call Smart Living.

Do it yourself

We provide the only available DIY solution for smart outlets that will become a fixed part of your electrical installation. The HomeControl smart outlet (HCO) is not a socket plug. It is a fully fledged smart outlet that fits into your current electrical installations.

Smart light bulbs are installed in minutes. You can set your lighting preferences in the App and control them from your smartphone.

Safety and Comfort

All our hardware and products are made for your safety and comfort. The HomeControl outlet is the safest outlet on the market today. It ensures automatic shutdown of electrical power upon detection of abnormal heat, and it sends you a message immediately.


With the HomeControl App you can monitor your house, your devices and your energy consumption at any time and from any place. You build your own App customised to your house and your living preferences.