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Welcome to your smart home

Let the kitchen talk to you

HomeControl smart solutions for Kitchen makes Your Kitchen more secure and a Nice Place to be. What about a sensor that watches your oven, a usb plug in the wall to charge Your phone directly or a coffeemachine that turns on when you get out of the shower?


One house - one app

HomeControl makes it easy for you to manage and control almost everything in Your house. A lot of devices have their own app and Gateways, and we believe this will be a mess. That's why we have made a unique and unified solution so you can follow everything from one app, and of course ONE gateway. We believe it's more convenient to Control everything through one app whatever it is, WiFi camera, lightning, the temperature or even remote controls for TV or music. In combination with the patented HomeControl Outlet you can almost control everything, from everywhere, at any time. Welcome to Your Smart home – a Smart way of living!

Look at your energy bills going down up to 30%!

HomeControl app and Smart devices is made to keep track and lower you energy consumption, without compromising on comfort. The HomeControl Smart Outlet for controlling Electrical heaters has proved more than 30% energy reduction. The system learns your house and any drop or rise in the outside temperature will be captured and then keep your comfort or saving mode.

Dim the Lights with one click!

It's never been easier to install an advanced lightning system. With HomeControl Light Bulbs and Down Lights you easily replace your existing lights. Then take the advantage of dimming and preconfigured scenaries. You can also set your outdoor lights to turn on and off by sunset and sunrise. You now have a Smart and Advanced lightningsystem, All Do It Yourself

Follow every step in your house or office

It's never been easier to take advantage of a WiFi camera. Just tell the app in what room or where the camera(s) is, and then you are connected to what matters the most. From where ever you are.

Advanced technology in the camera makes it possible to discovers what happends before it happends. Email warnings and Banque level security on the webserver are also included

Customer say

Roger Antonsen, Municipality of Hitra, Norway

We strive to not use more power than necessary

…and thereby save the environment. When we were introduced to HomeControl, we said yes immediately. HomeControl calculations showed that we saved the investment in reduced power consumption of just over one year. We also want to use HomeControl System for more, by refurbishing other municipal buildings and the second type of users, says Councilman Roger Antonsen.

Customer say

Frode Løkke, Steinkjær

I’ve been using HomeControl since February 2008

…the system has not gone wrong even once. It was easy to mount and we have 18 socket outlets in use today. The wife and me loves the system and especially good is the increased electrical safety, since we now have control of all sockets. In addition, we have begun to use it more and more power for saving energy.

Customer say

Bente Mæhlen, operations manager at the University of Bergen

We have used the system since April 2011 and has good experience with it.

We have not calculated how much we saved quite exact, as we have had to regulate and adjust according to the needs eventually. In This building, we have a mix of hydronic heating systems, oil furnaces, and old electric heaters of various vintage and types. The system handles this issue well. I would definitely recommend this system to others: It is easy to install, easy to use and works as intended.


Customer say

Everything in One app

We use HomeControl to pretend like we are at home with the smart lightbulbs. Finaly my husband also knows where to charge the mobile phone, because we don’t charge at night due to risk of fire. Also, I have taken Control over the Power outlet to the computergames so we have reduced the arguments when it’s time for training, dinner and so on. Managing all devices in our house from one app gives us more Comfort, electrical Security and energy reduction.

– Lene Oien, happy Controller since sept 2015


Customer say

Easy to use and easy to install

Me and my wife love the flexibility in HomeControl and we have used the same system in both our appartments. Easy to use and easy to install is mandatatory for the both of us

Pierre Wynther, Home Automation Engineer


Customer say

My husband travels a lot for work. He can follow when strangers knocks on the door and I feel a lot more safe.

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Frequently asked question

Do you still have any questions about the best home control system in the world?

  • Is HomeControl a DIY system or do I need a electrician?


    HomeControl is Do It Yourself! It’s in our blood to make great and smart products you can install yourself, to save money on the installation and build your smart home faster. Then you can save more on the energy bill faster as well.

  • How secure are the roducts?

    All HomeControl products, our own or from other vendors are tested and proven for a long time. We live for security and when you find a HomeControl AS label, it’s secure and tested.

  • Can the camera email me?


    The camrea sends you a warning when it detects movement or noise. You decide how sensitive it shall be and be aware that high detect level can send you a lot of emails.

  • Is the camera cloud storage really for free?


    The HomeMonitor cloud stores your videos for 7 days, for free. If you want to store longer on the HomeMonitor Cloud just click the appropriate purchase plan

  • Can my lights automatically turn off when I go to bed?


    If you go to bed at sunset or you have told the timeschedule that I go to bed at midnight – The HomeControl system shut down your lights

  • Can I save on my energy consumption


    We can prove savings, both the LED lights but also smart use of the HomeControl Outlet. Think about the TVs and other appliances. Now you can automatically shut them down when you don’t use them.

    Big savings on heating, if you have old panel ovens for heating – then the HomeControl is right for you. Name one of the Outputs Heating in the app, and take advantage of smart and flexible heating control. Tell the app when you want comfort (for instance 23C) and saving (for instance 18C) and what time you want it. Saving at night and when I’m at work are smart choices and you will see reduction from day one

  • Can I have more than one bedroom in the app?


    Our app is built for you and around you. One House, one app – so you can add as many rooms you like, and then you add functionality to each room. Like heating in 3 bedrooms, bathroom and living room, but maybe only dimming lightbulbs in the living room and bathroom.