We power your brand with IOT


We power your brand with IOT

About HomeControl

Home Control is now a part of Heimgard Technologies. The combined company is guided by a vision to enable a smarter way of living in every home by through completely secure and completely flexible solutions. With offices, distribution partners and representatives on all continents, Heimgard Technologies has a strong international footprint .

We started out by making smart electronic devices (HomeControl Outlet) 15 years ago and have over the years expanded and made our own full suite IoT-platform. From Voice to Edge, Cloud to Microsensors, Big Data and world class Privacy. Our platform is built to support communication standards. We offer a user-friendly platform, safely connecting all devices in a cost-efficient and seamless way. Why use multiple apps to manage your home?

Every home can be smart. We are here to make it happen.

Our IoT platform is built for several purposes and can be used by governments, security companies, health care, utilities and more. Our platform can be provided as a White label solution that incorporates and integrates with your Company. Take advantage of the built-in smart security, smart home energy, monitoring for healthcare or security to make your brand stronger with our IoT platform.


More and more people use web applications and smartphone apps/services to improve quality of life. Doing so, you let the service know the details of your personal life. The apps and services do this in order to work. However, you have little control of what data the app collects, when it collects data, where the data is sent and what the data is used for. This is gradually more and more concerning. We also see that even if companies has good intentions, simply storing your data means that there is a chance it will get lost. Take a look at Facebook with several privacy breaches the last 12 months.   Facebook privacy bug 'affects 14 million users'   Facebook leak private data to Cambridge Analytica   This is why we do what we do. Trough clever platform design, best practices and trusting no-one, we have arrived at a platform that actually protects end user’s privacy and data. No private information is stored in our cloud, all data that is transmitted is end-to-end encrypted, and we got rid of the notoriously insecure password. We don’t trust the users home network, we don’t trust internet in general, we don’t even trust our own cloud services. That’s why we built the HomeControl IoT Platform, with no privacy attached. With our NO personal capture info policy, and double layer of protection; you can be sure that your device and yourself will be protected at any time.

No private data

stored in our system

Encrypted end-to-end

all information in cloud

End-user benefits of HomeControl’s IoT platform

Home security

We want to deliver the fastest and highest security in the industry by introducing smart home security solutions. Monitor your home/business. Get remote access and get notified and video recording if abnormal behavior occurs. Protect your home from burglary, fire and water damage.


Home Control IoT platform is built for flexible and scalable solutions like Smart Security, Home Energy Management, Smart Home, Elderly Care. With an easy and user-friendly app, we engage customers and support multiple hardware vendors. Our use of secure, encrypted and open standards makes it easy and fast to integrate new IoT initiatives to the platform.

Cost efficient

Adjust and optimize the energy consumption – all from lighting, climate control, entertainment and security. Reduce potential damage by getting early warnings and controlling your home. Unlock the door to let the plumber fix your water leak when you are traveling. Let a monitoring service protect your property to make sure uninvited guests don't get access to your home.

User friendly

One home – one app. That’s what we call smart. The HomeControl IoT platform supports multiple communication standards and hardware vendors. Connect your devices and monitor and control your home with our user-friendly user interface. Get access from anywhere, anytime with remote access and always be in control of your home.

Our solution is ready for….

With the HomeControl IoT platform we power HealthCare, Buildings, Business, Insurance industry and much more with IoT.

Smarter connections. Smarter health care.

Caring for a loved one is a permanent state of what if’s, especially when you’re not present. What if he falls? What if she forgets the kettle? What if he’s sad? What if ...? Our platform is ready to connect and answer all the if’s. Monitor and care by taking advantage of the available devices such as smart door locks, motion and door sensors, cameras, smart power outlets, light bulbs and sirens. With our platform and smart sensors, users are in complete control of their own house, but at the same time relatives and health professionals can interact with them. The platform is perfect for the elderly and others who need assistance in their daily lives, but also want to live as independently as possible.

Smart buildings

Keeps track of all your buildings and vital statistics and respond quickly and effectively when a situation arises. Our app has intuitive and well-presented user interface, that keeps you in charge by the use of your fingertips. It serves as a mutual platform between the landlord and the tenants. When many people are living together in rented properties, a high level of security is required. Out platform lets you easily set up a safety regime that serves both your and the tenants’ needs, all managed through a single app with individual codes. Take control of energy consumption, fire safety, possible water leaks and much more.

Insurance industry

Take advantage of all the sensors and device in a connected home. Reduce the scope of damage in a home by getting early warnings when a situation occurs. By introducing smart devices to the insurance product clients can get reduced deductible and smarter bills. Benefit from the data available from all the devices to get better understanding of the situation and get the right settlement.

Security companies

Smart connections, smarter and more secure home. We offer the most secure home security platform in the market. Not only home security but also cyber secure. Trough clever platform design, best practices, end-to-end encrypted and trusting no-one. The base security of our system has security and personal information in the driver's seat. However, through the use of custom third party services it is possible to transmit any data from the client gateway’s and likewise to control the gateway from a third party services (end-to-end encrypted).


Select a white label contract with HomeControl and you get the full potential to customize your IoT - solution for Connected Homes and Businesses with your own brand

  • Our Platform works for:

    • Telco operators
    • Security companies
    • Healthcare services
    • Insurance industry
    • Energy Companies
    • Real Estate Developers
    • Hotel Managers
  • Platform as a service

  • Open standards

  • Voice control

  • Universal end user interfaces

  • Simultaneously vendor support (hardware)

  • REST API’s for fast and easy integration with your support, billing and CRM systems

iot expectations are you ready?

  • 15 billion objects in 2015
  • 200 billion objects in 2020
  • 26 smart objects per human being in 2020

About us

We began as a small, innovative, Internet of Things (IoT) start-up in Norway in 2003 with the concept of controlling and securing the home. Today, our company is rolling out its 3rd generation IoT-platform encompassing home automation, home security, voice control and video surveillance security. We offer a user-friendly platform, safely linking all devices in a cost-efficient and seamless way.

The market for home IoT-platforms and services is estimated to reach USD 128 billion by 2022, partly driven by an explosive growth in the number of smart objects. In addition, market penetration is expected to grow significantly going forward. In the USA, the world largest smart home market, market penetration is expected to grow from 32% in 2018 to 53% in 2022.

Our team of visionaries and developers have built the IoT-platform with flexibility, scalability and open based standards to prepare for launch in several other market verticals, including healthcare, smart buildings and insurance.

Our value chain

  • Software development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales & marketing
  • Project management & support